Dr. Neil Andrade


Dr. Neil David Andrade is an Orthodontist and proprietor at Andrade’s Dental Care. After completing his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from SDM College of Dental Sciences (Dharwad) and Masters in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics from Dr. DY Patil Dental College (Mumbai). He has trained under the able guidance of Dr. Sandeep Sharma (MDS Ortho, AFMC), and has successfully diagnosed and treated a vast array of Orthodontic problems and Dentofacial Abnormalities.

Dr. Neil brings with him a rich family history of over 40 years of service in the Medical profession. Right from his father, Dr. Alan Andrade (MS ENT) and his mother Dr. Malini Andrade (MD Medicine), to his sister Dr. Priya Pinto (MD Internal Medicine, Geriatrics & Hospice, Palliative Medicine) and brother in law Dr. Rohit Pinto (Paediatric Critical Care).