As the pioneer dentists offering Invisalign in Goa, our mission is to build true smile confidence through an outstanding range of dental treatments. Invisalign is the easiest and most comfortable way to straighten uneven teeth, without anyone noticing.


Wondering what makes Invisalign different from traditional metal braces? When you opt for Invisalign in Goa, we use computer imaging technology to make a series of custom made aligners, just for you. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks, and as time progresses, with every new set of aligners, your teeth will move slowly to give you the perfect smile. By the time you are wearing your final set of aligners, your teeth will be in the desired position.

What’s more?

  • They’re invisible – so no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing them.
  • They’re removable – so you can eat, drink and brush your teeth without restrictions.
  • They’re comfortable – because there’s no metal to cause mouth abrasions.

Just like every set of teeth differs, the duration for which you will need to wear aligners varies with the amount of movement your teeth will need to make.
Andrade’s Dental Care is the first to offer Invisalign in Goa. Book an appointment and meet with our Invisalign dentists in Goa to know more.

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