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We are the sole providers for 3M Incognito Lingual Braces in Goa. Unlike traditional braces, Incognito Braces (or Lingual Braces) are placed on the back of your teeth, making them invisible from the front. The fact that they can’t be seen easily makes them an ideal orthodontic treatment for adults and teens who are concerned about their appearance. These braces are completely customized and invisible. Although they are fixed on the back (tongue-side) of your teeth, they work just like traditional braces and straighten out your teeth within the same amount of time. However, the inside of your teeth forms a unique shape, and it is this shape that is used to make a custom impression using a digital scan. This scan is then used to create customized wires and brackets that will fit snugly along inner side of your teeth. Nearly everyone who would benefit from regular braces can use Incognito Braces. Visit us, to determine if Incognito Lingual Braces are the best option for you.

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Incognito Lingual Braces are the only completely invisible orthodontic treatment option available. Though mildly uncomfortable since they are on the inside of the teeth, they are customized and smaller in size, and invariably do result in faster treatment times. The customization of the appliance guarantees the treatment result.

Our Patients Say

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Thanks Dr. Neil. I have never been to any doctor ever in my life for any kind of check up or anything. This is my first meet and visit with a Dr – for myself.. I just loved the work that you has done with my teeth. I never felt any pain or any kind of disturbance while I was having braces on my teeth. The work was quick and neat. I had a wrong concept that while having your braces on, its gonna be painful, irritating etc etc. But your work Dr Neil, its awesome. Hats off! Not even a pinch of pain I could feel or can feel. Great work!
Roshini D’souza
Generally the thought of visiting a dentist is always a nightmare and is put off untill the very end! But that changes once you visit Andrade's Dental care, Dr. Neil has this uncanny ability to make you real comfortable and laugh a bit even if you are scared and freaking out, which I know some people do!!! Since I had a bunch of crooked teeth I was advised to go for the Lingual Braces, which was way better than the normal braces which can be seen, The procedure seemed simple and somewhat quick, and the results was awesome!
Jason Pramodhan
Dr. Neil has been treating my children for Orthodontics and the rest of my family for all their dental needs for a few years now. Over time we have come to be friends and both my children absolutely adore him and actually look forward to seeing him. He is joyful, ever smiling and truly understands the psychology of kids. He and his entire team actually discourage you from having procedures done that are not required. They have an extremely conservative approach and their honesty is quite a ray of sunshine in this money hungry world we live in.
Alka D’souza
I am currently being treated with Invisalign by Dr. Neil at Andrade’s Dental Care and can honestly testify that not only is he a thorough professional with Invisalign and Orthodontics but also an extremely talented and soft spoken Dentist. Furthermore, before starting my treatment, I have consulted Dentists in Mumbai and Bangalore and found him to be extremely reasonable. Invisalign requires long hours of consultation and Dr. Neil has done the same for me with the utmost of patience.
Rishikesh Keni