iLingual 3D Lingual Braces

iLingual 3D Lingual Braces

iLingual 3D brings to India the advantage of Lingual Braces and yet again, Andrade’s Dental Care leads the way with being the first dental clinic in Goa to offer them and the subsequent advantages of lingual braces to our patients.

Totally Invisible – Show the world your smile, not your braces. They are placed behind your teeth, so no one knows you are wearing braces but you.

Digitally Customized Planning of Smile Design & Occlusion – Digital scan of your teeth is used to create a Virtual 3D setup which optimizes tooth position to provide the perfect bite and smile.

Fully Programmed Appliance – Based on the set up a fully customized appliance is fabricated virtually using software and the same is manufactured using high end rapid prototyping and processing procedures.

Comfortable & Well Adapted to Your Teeth – The braces are designed to be small, smooth and as close as possible to your tooth surface which helps you adapt quickly and comfortably to your orthodontic treatment.


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